Service Scope, Service Standards, Service Expectations

Medicine IT is service center for the Department of Medicine for information technology support and consultation.

Service Scope

Our service scope is defined in two parts: 

User Population

  • All users with proper affiliation with Department of Medicine, and only users with this affiliation. The definition of affiliation is basing on School of Medicine data and the population is accordingly defined. 
  • Department of Medicine comprises of 14 divisions and the central operating office with a total population hovering around 1400. With the exception of two divisions (PCOR and SPRC), all department is supported by Medicine IT. 

Service Items

It's harder to come up with a defined list of service items we support than to a list of user population because the needs for IT are in constant influx and because the areas we support encompass all mission areas in the Department which are research, education, patient care, and administration. So instead of listing service items line by line, we simplified the service scope into one single line. 

  • Medicine IT is a front interface between you and your IT solutions.

 We don't pretend to and can't resolve and meet all your IT issues and needs, but we can be the starting point. For issues we can resolve, we will directly deliver resolutions; for issues we can't, we will help you to navigate to try to find solutions. 


Service Standards

All services we provide conform to institutional policies and guidelines from Stanford University, School of Medicine, Stanford Hospital and Clinics. In delivering services, we have established the following standards for computing device configuration:

  • Enterprise OSs including Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 8 Enterprise, Mac OS 10.8, Mac 10.9
  • Latest OSs for mobile devices including iOS 7, Android 4 and above, but not Blackberry and Windows Mobile
  • Computer hardware with TPM chip
  • Installation with Stanford essential software that includes Sophos, DCM, BigFix
  • Windows computers that are joined to SOM windows domain
  • Data backup to enterprise CrashPlan service
  • Whole hard disk encryption by BitLocker for Windows and FileVault2 for Mac
  • Installation of MDM on mobile devices

Computing devices that fail to meet the standards will be denied of service and access to Stanford network. To make sure your devices will meet the standards, all computer purchase has to go through Medicine IT for preapproval and for configuration before getting to user's hands. 


Service Expectations

We strive to be the best IT support team by being:

  • prompt in responding,
  • comprehensive in diagnosing,
  • accurate in delivering,
  • attentive in supporting,
  • pleasant in interacting.

This is our end of bargain. We ask that you:

  • are properly affiliated with department of medicine
  • follow our recommendations and use standardized devices
  • are as invested in helping yourself as we are
  • make yourself available 

This is your end of bargain

If we hold the bargains on both ends, we can achieve the goal - the best IT support. 



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