Reiteration of Data Security Mandates and Deadlines

A campus wide memo was sent out on January 15, 2014 from the Vice President for Business Affairs, Randy Livingstone to re-enforce the policy and mandate for computer data security for the whole Stanford University. A follow up memo from the Chief Information Officer at the School of Medicine, Michael Halaas reiterated the stand at the School of Medicine to adhere to the mandates and deadlines outlined in the memo. Here is the summary of the deadlines: 

Mandate Deadline Summary

Today     : Encryption - New Laptops/Desktops

02-28-2014: Encryption - Mobile Devices

02-28-2014: Encryption - Existing Laptops/Desktops that Store/Access PHI

02-28-2014: IDF Scans - All Laptops/Desktops with BigFix Installed

04-08-2014: Windows XP Migration

05-31-2014: BigFix Installation - All Laptops/Desktops

07-31-2014: Encryption - Existing Laptops/Desktops with >500 IDF Records

11-30-2014: Encryption - Existing Laptops/Desktops with >10 IDF Records

05-31-2015: All Laptops/Desktops


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