New Name, New Interface, Same Mission, Same Dedication

What all this fuss is about? 

We gave ourselves a new name. We are a group of 5 people in the department of medicine to support the technology needs of more than a thousand users. We have been called many different things - DoM IT, Central IT, Department IT, the IT, the guys, the boys, and others. That's just too confusing, isn't it? So we came up with the name Medicine IT for us. We think this is not just a new name branding, but a new identity that we are to cultivate and to live up to. With this brand, we have applied it across our systems and interactions with users. We have the website at, we have the email address

We have a new web interface. It's hard to believe we didn't have it sooner. The world has changed, nowhere more so than in the technology sector, and nowhere is more at the center of this change than Stanford. As a support entity, our job is to service, but as a technology entity, our curiosity is to tinker, to experiment, and to build. So this is an experiment we tinkered with. Behind the shiny new facade there is a lot of automation processes that make workflow, tracking, monitoring, reporting, and analytics more efficient. We feel empowered by this technology, and we want to generate beneficial effects for you the users. 

We stay on target for the same mission. We can't think of any better place other than department of medicine to apply our know-hows and to satisfy our learning curiosity. In this department, we support missions in research, patient care, education, administration. Where else can we get this wide array of exposure to apply technology support, and be exposed to people of such intellect that we keep learning everyday? Granted, the support to such diverse areas is very challenging and daunting at times, but this also is what makes it exciting. So we think we can't ask for a better mission. 

We meet our mission by dedication. We are relatively small group supporting a relatively large department, so our job demands that we work hard and be fully engaged everyday. But we find that hard working alone doesn't do a good job to live up to the expectation. We also have to work smart, not just in words. We have designed processes, procedures, workflows, and systems to cut the clutters, to connect the dots, and to streamline operations. Again this website and the integration with the email system is a fruit of such effort. 

Like everything else that came new, it is not going to work perfectly for everyone, and it is bound to have hiccups and bumps along the way. We like to think this is a collective journey for us together, we help you for your technology needs, and you help us in providing your feedback and suggestions to make this system work better for you. 

It seems most appropriate now to quote Jony Ive, the Apple designer: 

"It's very easy to make something that is new, but it won't be new the day after tomorrow. So we are trying to make things that are better. "

And so, this is what we try to do, make a better IT support system. 



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