Archive Email in Mac Mail

In an effort to create space in your Stanford email account, you can use Mac Mail to archive your messages to a local folder on your computer so they are removed from the server. These messages will only be accessible on Mac Mail on that particular computer.

All other messages, assuming that Mac Mail is configured with IMAP, will remain on the server and will be accessible to other devices such as an iPhone, iPad, and Android.

To archive your Stanford email messages in Mac Mail, please do the following:


1) Open Mac Mail.

2) Select Mailbox.

3) Select New Mailbox.

4) Ensure that the location states on My Mac.

5) Input a name for your archive folder and select OK.

6) You should now see the name of your newly created folder listed under On My Mac in the left margin. In this example, Stanford Archive was created.




7) Go to your Inbox and select the messages you wish to archive. Use the shift key with the mouse to select a block of messages or the command key to select individual messages.

Archive Mac Mail 2.jpg


8) Select Message from the top of the screen.

9) Select Move to and select your folder from under On My Mac.

10) Your messages will now be moved from the server and into that particular folder on your computer.




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