Migration of Email/Calendar System to Microsoft Office 365

Stanford University is migrating the email system from current Zimbra to Microsoft Office 365 for comprehensive email, calendar, address book, and tasks integration and uniformed access on devices and clients across operating systems and mobile platforms. The migration will happen for the Department of Medicine as part of the School of Medicine on August 10 and 11. 

The Benefits of this new system:

  • Unified campus-wide calendar system
  • Secure, industry leading platform that will continually evolve to add new features
  • Increased storage for each user (50GB)
  • Better integration with email and calendar for Mac users with Outlook 2011/2016
  • Improved webmail interface
  • Future capability for closer collaboration with Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children's Health

Things you and Medicine IT can do together to make a smooth transition:

  • Medicine IT team will be onsite to provide full support. It’ll be all hands on deck for us. We anticipate Tuesday August 11 to be the busiest so we will try to be physically present as much as possible, and will rely on remote support sessions when needed. 
  • We have participated in the pilot tests and have also worked on real cases of transition. Additionally campus has already started the process for other schools and units. Basing on these collective experiences and lessons learned we are optimistic about this transition despite the seeming complexity.
  • The online instructions are straightforward and easy to follow because the new platform Office 365 is really a big step forward in terms of reducing frictions between users and technology.
  • For users that use Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, emails are not all on the server, and you may also have configurations that include local folders, mail filters, group IMAP account(s), auto completed addresses, etc. We’ll help you to transition them. 
  • Email transition on the smartphones and tablets will surprisingly be the easiest as long as you have the devices encrypted with University mandated AirWatch. So another reason to get your devices encrypted NOW and here are the instructions


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