Osirix Configuration to Access SHC Radiology Images

SHC radiology images can be accessed via Epic with limited viewing and functionality. For some physicians, they want the full blown access for faster viewing and image manipulation. This can be done through Centricity on Windows, and now through Osirix on Mac too.

Access to Osirix requires a different access permission than Epic, and is granted by Radiology Department. After the permission is granted, Mac computer can be configured as follows to access the system.

Install Osirix client

Osirix is an open source program that can be freely downloaded at Several versions are presented, but the basic 32-bit version would suffice for this use.

Osirix Configuration

After default install, configure Osirix with customization on the following two items:


Open program preference and go to Listener icon.

  • Add AETitle that is provided by SHC and typically in the format of OSIRIX_lastname
  • Change port number to 4096
  • Address and Host Name fields should be auto populated so leave them alone


  • Click on Add new mode. If this is greyed out, make sure to uncheck the box “automatically sync the DICOM nodes …”
  • Manually type in the following details.
    • IP address:
    • AE Title: GEPACS
    • Port: 4100

Save preferences. That’s all to it.


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