Configure Xerox Copier for Accounting Codes


Click the Start Menu, then choose Devices and Printers

Right Click on the Xerox printer and choose Printer Properties

Select the Configuration tab


On the list of options, you will see a section for Accounting

For the "Print-Time Prompt" select Do Not Prompt *

You will see a dialog box -- enter your copy code for both User ID and Account ID


Click OK to return to the Configuration dialog box

Click OK to save the settings

Open an Application and print a test document to confirm operation.






NOTE: There is a known issue with the Xerox 7545 Model Copier and Mac OS -- if you complete these steps but still encounter a problem please submit a help request.

NOTE2: There is a known issue with printing from Mac applications that do not use the standard printer dialog box (Adobe Acrobat Reader/Pro and Google Chrome).  Please complete the steps below using TextEdit or Word or Safari.  There is a separate knowledge base article on printing from Adobe Reader and Google Chrome.

Open an application (such as Microsoft Word or Text Edit) and create a test document

Choose File, Print, then select the Xerox printer from the list of options

Click Details to see the full set of options -- on the right side, there is a drop down menu -- select Xerox Settings

On on the drop down list below, choose Advanced Settings

Click Accounting



Choose Xerox Standard Accounting

Choose Do Not Prompt

Enter your four digit copy code in the Default ID text box.




Click OK to return to the Printer Settings dialog box

On the top right, choose the drop down list next to Presets

Click Save Current Settings as Preset

Enter a name (Xerox Settings for example) and click OK



Print the document and confirm printout.


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