Xerox accounting code error when printing from Mac systems

Issue:  Apple Mac OS X system, attempting to print to a Xerox copier using Accounting Code.  Error sheet about Invalid Accounting Code.

Printing from Word, Safari, and Preview works OK, but printing from Adobe Acrobat Reader/Pro or Google Chrome does not work.  This is an issue caused by Mac applications that don't use the standard/native print dialog box.

First, please try to print from Safari or Word -- if this works then the Xerox is correctly configured and you just need the extra steps below to print.

**If not, then first please refer to this article to configure your Xerox settings:

The two applications that most commonly cause this are: Adobe Acrobat Pro and Google Chrome web browser. They both have their own custom print dialog boxes, which bypasses the Xerox Accounting Code settings. Another issue is using the "Quick Print" feature in Office (clicking the little printer icon in the toolbar which prints to the default printer without any dialog box).

For Acrobat Pro:
File: Print
Ensure the correct printer (Xerox) is selected


Click the Printer button on the bottom of the dialog box (if this is the first time, you'll see a warning -- go ahead and check the box to bypass this warning in the future)


In the pop up window, click Print (no need to adjust settings)

In the Adobe Print dialog box, ensure settings are OK and then click print

For Chrome:
File: Print
Click on "Print using system dialog"


This will take you to the standard printer dialog box -- configure the settings as you would like and click Print -- it will send the print job to the Xerox.



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